Why do i hate revon?

its simple he’s ugly and his brother deserved to die he did not have the permission to yell out my characters full name so if i had the choice i wouldve definitely killed him because he’s also very annoying in general and his hairstyle is ugly so thats why i hate revon

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Firstly - You don’t understand what the relationship between the characters is, apparently you can’t even imagine how this story would look from the side of another character, and not the main character.
Secondly - If you kill anyone who does not look to your taste, then hello the genocide of all living things.


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The only reason for this is to release him from suffering.

ion care im still shitting on revon

We hate revon with a passion :heart_eyes:



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I feel like thats an omen. No doubt we’re gonna hate him when he returns and possibly kills one of our gang. Or even worse, I feel like he’s that type of dumb character in stories who suddenly shows up at the worst time possible when trying to save the world for the stupidest reason and then cause the whole world to be wrecked right when we thought we’re winning. All because of that stupid reason.

For example, we’re currently stopping the Order from unsealing something from the looks of it, so imagine after defeating all the Order’s High Lords and Barons and we think we stopped the Order from unsealing possibly the greatest threat in the world, only for Revon to show up out of nowhere, actually unseal it and the whole world gets screwed. Yeah, that kind of stupid. He just comes off as that type of character to do that. Thats probs why people hate him

Revon will show up and do 28 damage to a character who is on the brink of death

Say that to the thousands of Ravenna residents. Canonically, Revon is considered to be handsome.

canonically he can suck my balls

Canonically, he doesn’t.

canonically i drag his face thru the sand

What’s your class?

Canonically, you don’t.

conjurer on my max file

canonically i pee on him

Yeah, then you don’t.

Canonically, you don’t.
(Player is a Roblox character :troll face:)

canonically i killmyself