Why do people have such a negative opinion on Suncry?

I don’t car much about guilds. I just play the game. But sometimes I see people on here straight up roasting the hell out of Suncry and I’m confused.

suncry solstice is what made suncry the stereotype it holds today

And uh…wats dat?

suncry pvp legion; they gank people and scream slurs

Ah :nod:

Ym eclipse? Solstice is for nerdy traders.


Could you elaborate?

They made the Sun cry, an unforgiving act of pure evil

shut up and look at eggen


most suncry members i have encountered have been arrogant assholes that gank people nonstop

sorry no my brain just exploded

Ya, can’t believe solstice smh :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



Only eclipse members can join the guild in-game so it makes sense that every member is a rker

guess im hated

Ganking is part of the game, ganking is how you get infamy, cool yer jets.

that doesn’t mean everybody in suncry is arrogant. there are a lot of people in suncry
most suncry are inactive now.
i play a lot still, and i still infamy farm. i dont remember being arrogant to you if i rk’d you. most i do is annoy people i rk because they dont fight back, when they should. they made a guild, they should do what guilds do and fight others for infamy.

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subcry bad!!! my guild good!!

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they are the embodiment of tryhard g*mers (they will call you racial slurs :flushed: )

bro they called me a brown boy!!! that’s so slurry. I’m not a boy I’m an attack helicopter