Why do slow magics keep getting nerfed?

metal has been nerfed 2 times, power scaling that works well with slow magic got nerfed, there nerfing all crystals synergy next update (crystal has some of the best synergy’s with slow magic.)
I don’t really get it. I understand that they were popular and broke with some specific builds. why nerf all it to the ground?
next update to get a synergy with crystal you have to hit exactly 3 shots of crystal and then use the magic you want to buff for the last shot all within 10 sec without missing any of your shots. VS 20 blasts of light or lighting.
I thought the community believed slow magics were worthless. is the goal to make slow magics near unviable for more magic diversity or something. what’s the end game?

From what i have read they seemed to be overtuned.

That is all, i am not touching magic balancing with a 5 kilometer pole.

from what I’ve heard, during testing they had virtually no downsides and were superior to other magics. Even pre 1.12, slow magics like metal and magma were an absolute pain to fight against cause their strengths greatly outweighed their weaknesses (huge AoE and Pulsar made the slow speed negligible). Not sure how they fair rn, but I haven’t seen too much complaining about them being too strong nor too weak so I assumed they were in an okay spot

the only reason this happened is cause blasts and beams are the bread and butter of mages and slow magics have almost impossible to land blasts and beams which are slow so in reality slow magics should try to play close to the opponent which just goes agaisnt the whole point of mage in the first place

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Warlock ruined Crystal magic

  1. slow magics still have high clash rates (self explosion acts like a shield against all lighter magics)
  2. all scaling got change form multiplicative (1.0 * 0.8 * 1.2) to additive (1.0-0.2+0.2) which would have meant very large sizes for all magics
  3. crystal’s synergy is overpower in it own right (30% more damage every 4th shot)

slow magics have higher damage and aoe with their weakness being speed
but that weakness matters a lot less when you have beams, placed explosions, and the aoe of pulsar

slow magics are op because they don’t affect placed explosions, the possibly best/most used mage spell

blasts suck and beams are ok