Why does some of the community still have a negative review of Doge Nation?

Like, I know that it has duped in the past but that was years ago. Heck Doge King is trying his best to make the guild welcomed in the community.

Just a question.

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Guilds bad

all guilds are bad :fr:
just an unpopular opinion but Clans was going to become a problem at the start.
But i guess deal with it :fr:

That’s what I said

a large majority of the community are almost irresistible to change if anything, and take no time to re-evaluate their views on anything
thats really about it

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doge nation was toxic and people don’t feel like forgiving them just yet

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First impressions matter ig and people might be sour. My first impression was a 2v1, which became a 3v1, then a 4v1, and later a 5v1. So not particularly fond of them but I got no ill will or malice towards them :nod:

Or it could be that people just don’t think that doge nation had changed and are still toxic people who ruin people’s enjoyment for their own satisfaction, I can’t say because I got no clue what Doge Nation is like now or how they were then.

I personally think it’s because they’ve set up a negative image and have done nothing to change it, not saying that they haven’t changed, but that from an outsider’s view it doesn’t look as if anything has changed. Perception is reality.

Overall idfk though and probably am wrong about half this shit, if not more, so take this guildless weapon main’s answer with a hefty amount of salt.


they were hated in aa, hated in ar, hated in wom

i dont think thats gonna change if it hasnt changed in like 5 even if they’ve changed, especially if they still have toxic members



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They did raids, and one of their members killed me while I was farming exiled.

leader is still a sped

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So far, I’ve seen them do nothing but give me godawful first impressions through every game I’ve seen them in and here alike.

What do they expect? Me or anybody else to actually believe that they’ve changed?
If they can prove it, great, but I’m not seeing it.


As somebody who had significant polarity with Doge Nation myself, I decided it’s better to leave the past in the past and stop my negative view on them. Doge King really seems to be trying hard to reform and create a better version of not only himself, but his guild. I hope someday that more people will realise it’s pointless to continue hating him. His clan doesn’t deserve to become AO’s punching bag.

doge cring cheems better (Drama +300)

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First of all, people needa stop making topics on doge nation specially if they are questions that have already been answered

Second, its mostly because the leader seems like a complete sped. I hate the mannerisms of the way he talks. He gives off 10 year old vibes.


oh no! you died in world of magic to somebody in a guild!!! how mortifying! :scream::scream::scream::scream: i hope you recover


I lost 1 infamy. Do you know how bad that is?


And I’m yet to see a single apology

That’s like step 1 to being welcomed again


I might be wrong but I have not heard Any of the toxic members being removed from the Guild so till then, I kinda have a negative opinion of the guild