Why don't people just sense curses

Ok, curses are hidden so well people don’t find them, right? So why don’t people just, use their sensing? They’re literally made of magic. *Oh, but uhhhhh theos said in the webtoon that he can sense so much he can’t tell them apart
*going off the fact really large power levels appear larger I’m pretty sure literally anybody will notice a giant cube with enough energy in it to apparently destroy the world


they’re secluded

the “energy to destroy the world” comes from people becoming proficient with them, that’s why someone with magic doesn’t have the same magic energy as someone at max level

my assumption is that if they don’t/ barely affect the environment whatsoever other than being a giant displacing cube containing dormant magic energy u literally wouldn’t be able to differentiate it from the surrounding winds, soil, trees, water, etc.

trying to find something smaller than a needle in a hay stack.

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Pretty sure that magic sense only detects a person’s magic energy. If it detected magic in general, then the ocean would look like one massive strobe light (due to the massive amounts of magic radiation left in the sea) that blinded anyone who tried sensing shit.


Fishe got power tho and is living and it has radiation water in it

in that case it sounds more like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles

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Imagine. You sense the magic and your brain just fries from the ocean.

a specific needle.