Why fire magic is the best, part 1 of infinity


inferno is hotter fire, so inferno is best :sunglasses:

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just another flavor of fire if u think about it

but its the best flavor


fire good but we dont talk about pr*methean flame

isnt that like the neapolitan ice cream of fire
why pick a flavor of fire when you can just have all the fire

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water and wood on top tho

yes but it is very unbased and ugly

idk white-hot flame sounds zased as hell

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no because its the most popular which makes it suck you dont understand

seems kinda weak and/or feeble to care abt what other people think ngl
i stopped doing that a long time ago and im epic as hell for it

dnc inferno better
oh yeah title is against the rules lemme fix that
nvm i do not have perms fix it

wait i cant swear in titles?

yeah, but you can fucking say whatever the fuck you fucking want in fucking replies

bars alr

Sun magic superior though.

Instead of rocket bullet, what about hydrogen bomb bullet?


Turning frostmill into a puddle sounds fun.

oh my god those characters look kinda basic but absolutely perfect at the same time
makes me wanna not be bad at art