Why is a strong sunken sword just impossible for me to obtain

recently I enchanted my 6th sunken sword, it was swift.

In total I have gotten:
3 swift sunken swords
3 hard sunken swords

I have been trying to get a strong sunken sword since AUGUST
why does RNG hate me.

Have you ever considered TRADING FOR ONE

rip dude i’ve gotten one strong out of like 5-6 that i’ve enchanted myself, i usually just get swift but 2 have been hard

Idk I literally just got the sunken sword for the ability, fuck its enchantment dnc.

I got swift btw and it really doesn’t bother me at all

yeah word none of the enchants are ‘‘bad’’ (apart from hard arguably) swift has a lowered cooldown and lower stamina usage and that can fr save you in a pinch

strong is just strong

and idk how much protection % hard gives i just know it’s less then the hard axe

I mean you’re lucky you even got 6 sunken swords to enchant

I killed the exiled like 60 times all I got was WoJ, his leggings 3 times and his chestplate :fr:

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shit dude rip lol rng really can be a bitch sometimes

are you wearing full strong sunken in your vanity slots

i have fished 60,000 fish, I should have 7 or 8

I have tried to trade for one since August, okay?

Yes, yes I am

I wouldn’t feel to bad about hard enchantments. They give you the best clashing power of the three, so you can use it as a defensive trade option.

thats an rng issue right there

you’re literally just unlucky

IDK man. really my sunken deals as much as my maxed unenchanted old sword LOL (btw it’s not strong)

Aren’t enchant scrolls coming eventually? I have ONE clean sunken sword (I didn’t actually get it in 10k fish, had to fuckin’ trade for it) and I really don’t want to risk it. Or maybe enchanting will be revamped in TGR. Who knows