Why is arcane odyssey/WoM such a good game? or its AA?

is it better than all of the roblox games or only the rpg category?

For the first question, I don’t think that’s a thing I can answer. If you say it’s a good game, then that’s a personal opinion. Why do you think it is a good game? I know personally that Vetex is a skilled developer, but if you say they are good games, then you should know why.

I don’t get what you mean by “or its AA”. Are you confused as to what the name of the game is? Those three games are different games, so I don’t know what you mean. This forum is now for AO, but, seeing as AO hasn’t released yet, it’s technically a WoM forum until further notice.

  • AA is the game that was released sometime around 2016 (don’t remember the specific date). The last update on it was on the 30th of May, 2018 for issues that the game’s description specifies. It is no longer playable at this time.

  • World of Magic is the game that is currently out, but as far as I’m concerned its most recent update was its last (unless you count AO as an update). Again, its description gives a good summary of what’s going on there.

  • AO is the game that is currently being worked on. There is no concrete release date for now, but I personally think it’ll be out late this year.

Is it better than all Roblox games? That’s a heavily opinion-based question, but my personal answer is “hell no”. I don’t think anyone should aim to make their game the “best game”, either. It’s an exercise in futility. You’d either have to aim to please everyone (impossible) or aim to be better than everyone (not so impossible, but difficult to achieve and impossible to maintain).

Unless there is an immeasurable gap in quality between Vetex’s games and all other games on the platform (which there isn’t), you can’t even make a general statement like that. To call someone the best ___, you have to either prove that they are objectively of the highest quality in their field (which is hard when the gap between them and others is not that large) or somehow prove that the majority of people think that such a person is really the best.

Only the RPG category? I don’t think so either, though I don’t doubt that some people do.


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  3. not an objective question, but personally no.

When it comes to the “best game” topic, it’s all subjective. The reason I love AA, WoM and eventually AO is because I personally love these kinds of games. I’ve grown up playing RPGs, after all.
In my own personal opinion, I do think that AO has the potential of being one of the best RPGs on Roblox.

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