Why is this allowed to happen

i dont understand what is this?

2 small blasts deal the same amount of damage as one blast each, and magics that cause bleeding can stack bleed

oh yeah… 40 dot of bleed every second ouch

thanks! I forgot about this lol

I guess that’s a nice clip to send to every paper hater.

Just how the game works lmao!

836 damage in about 5 seconds. goddamn

There needs to be a stat cap in the future.

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Just realized that the person in the clip doesn’t even have a full power build.

because the guy in the picture isn’t smart and just sat there and ate your attacks? also his armor sucks, so that helps.

What SeveralPeople said

If you’re good that won’t happen

he was stuck in the endlag of a blast, even if he had around 900 health he’d still die from bleeding

you’re trying to tell me the endlag from his blast lasts long enough for you to cast a double shot twice on him? Either he’s lagging hard, or he’s retarded and didn’t move when he could have.

lagging hard yea

If he’s lagging hard, he would die in any game, not just WoM

it’s already kind of iffy if he had time to block teh first double shot, but he DEFINITELY had time to walk out of the second. He was literally just standing there.

This isn’t some weird unbalanced shit vetex forgot about, it’s just you bullying someone who doesn’t know how to play the game.

its not bullying if he shot at me first, but also how can you say that over 1000 (if you include bleed) damage from quick 4 blasts at level 80 without a heavily power focused build isnt unbalanced

He would theoretically take 1045 damage including bleed but regen exists, so that wouldn’t even kill me with 1040 hpish