Why isn’t there more information about major islands?

Just a question. I’ve gotten information from testers that we will be seeing a lot more major islands, but what’s bugging me is that we have no information on it. Right now we only know about redwake and frostmill. If there are gonna be more major islands, why haven’t they planned that out yet?

probably on the private trello cus we’re as clueless as u

we’ll find out when you find out
i know it’ll get leaked

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I’m pretty sure only Vetex, Tech, and maybe Headless have access to the private Trello board and I don’t see Tech or Headless leaking anything unless Vetex was ok with it being leaked (in which case it wouldn’t be a leak).

i meant leak the major islands
i call em leaks even if vetex is cool with it

i’m pretty sure vetex is trying to make everything very vague, or mysterious as he puts it, so it could help create hype which equals to a more successful release or something idk i’m no expert


While typing this topic I did remember that vetex said that right after the TGR was announced, but I thought he’d forget about it since he’d been showing many leaks of the first two islands.

Where did you come to the conclusion that they hadn’t planned out the major islands yet?
Or are you referring to something else when you say “that”?

Imagine not being omniscient tbh

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Bad assumption, maybe they have planned it out I’m just confused since they’ve shown every new island and there is no new information on a third-fourth- or even fifth major islands.

Probably because it would ruin hype and theorizing.

Also why there’s no ACTUAL redwake/frostmill showcase.

Understood, still uncoincidental

maybe he hasn’t shown teasers or information of the 4th and higher islands because he hasn’t made those islands

A few leaks about the new islands are fine but yall should have to experience them for yourselves. Same with bosses and storyline, it’s something you shouldn’t just be revealed before you even play the game.

True, I was just confused on why the trello didn’t exactly list other major island names, made people like my confused thinking there were only gonna be 2 major islands.

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