Why you should give me trust level 4

pls pls pls i need more likes pls give trust lv4 pls pls pls
i’ll give you a cola :nod:

(for legal reason this is a joke pls dont kill me-)

Please give me mod I can be trusted with the powers of being able to ban and punish people

yes ofc i can totally :nod:
(wait hol on lv4 is mod ? i though lv4 is leader and lv5 is mod ?)

It was joke

Guess I can’t have my fun today :frpensive::hocho:

I once had level 3 but I was absent and they took it from me

they saved you from this cursed hellhole


Why are you still following me

Do you like my random abrupt jokes

i sense major amounts of skill issue

for legal reasons, this is also a joke

wait i followed you ?

give tl69

i have ascended to godhood