Will 2nd magics be weaker than your first mind?

Forgot if vetex ever said anything about this but wanna make sure

Otherwise people can just go Magma first mind for its status effect removal and then the magics they actually want

Of course

Probably, but who here actually tryhards?

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Noble and suncry i guess

well probably , but it would be cool if we had to train our minds to make the magics stronger

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it’d be a bit too crazy if your 2nd was more powerful than your first anyways

Hopefully they are just equal. I don’t want to get metal dealing the same damage as ice.

dont really care since my game plan is ash cloud spam as the first magic anyway
explosion will just be charred support (should i go fire? it might be better damage, but a 10 second status is easier to hit petrified rather than a 5 second status, and my main plan is funny ash clouds anyway)

Of course it will be weaker than our first one but the more you will gain levels the power will increase

It won’t but it’ll probably take longer to unlock your spells

Time to see wacky people going Magma first mind for status removal

yeah like meditation or something