Will all Lost/Ancient Magics have an unique status effect?

So Flare Magic has an unique status effect, Singed, that can stack with itself. But will all Lost/Ancient Magics have an unique status effect.

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Likely yes, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything unique about them. If something like frost metal were to also cause freezing, why would you choose it and not just ice? So yes they will probably all be unique status effects


Maybe because they will maybe have better stats than most other Magics ?

Why did you say yes ? Now my brain is gonna think all night to find status effect ideas for each Lost/Ancient Magic …

most or at least almost half ? probably

all of them ? probably not

I think it depends on the magic, like we know alot of them already, like sun, aether lightning inferno blah blah, but things like scorch will prob have the Scorch debuff otherwize it would be wierd.

Well, the unic thing of most of the magic will be different types of moves. Like phoenix wings, gravity, energy drain, much much bigger AOE, much much longer DOT

We don’t know since it’s years and years away.

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Accualy not, Vetex said that he will at least release two lost magics on release and that is like 6 moths from now

lost spells, not lost magics

As far as we know, no player-obtainable lost magics will be in the game for a very long time

unless they have no effect or a reused effect (like bleed on earth, iron, wood, etc) then probably

Lost Spells not lost Magics lmao

Oh, well I thought so lmao
But wont flare come? Or is that for later??

Not player-obtainable, only used by a boss

Only a boss will have it


Why do you think so

Ah, makes sence

Well I hope hover will be one of the lost spells and maybe the shield spell form AA

vetex might remove hover completely, and i doubt a defensive spell like that will be added when offesnive ones could be added instead.