Will destructible environments remain in Arcane Odyssey?

We already know that dynamic NPCs are getting removed, which I’m fine with. But what’s going to happen to the other major staple of WoM, AKA destructible structures and topsoil. I feel like these made spells feel truly powerful, and I would be sad to see them go.

Anyone have information on this?

These are staying lol. Destruction as a whole is here to stay.


i get to bury myself still pog

jk, Ash’s destruction is complete ass

Theoretically I can just whip an island off the face of the map for 5 minutes if I were strong enough with magic

if not then explosion is ded

Explosion Users be like

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Now that I think about it, Supernova as a Lost or Primordial would be insanely cool, combination of Plasma and Explosion.


Yeah, a lot of strong wizards could. I wonder if we could do that temporarily in AO. That would be cool.

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Yes, we definitely can, get something like explosion and you can wipe a small wilderness island if your level is high enough and possibly max bursting

yet still manage to not kill everything living on it and the island just poofs back into existence 2 minutes later

M a g i c

Bring back dynamic npcs


climate change will also result in the destruction of the environment, so keep an eye out on that new feature

just by saying that my pc starts heating up

but we can still destroy computers

Sure would!

Problem is though vet already has flare and apocalypse bringer planned, so I’m not sure what would set supernova magic apart if it were to exist

Well with Flare Magic a large part of it is having low base damage, not sure about Apocalypse Bringer. Supernova would probably be mid-high damage, DoT, and high size in exchange for high energy cost and a long cast time. Not sure about projectile speed.

It’s a concept anyways, I honestly doubt Supernova would make it even though I don’t think it’s at all unreasonable and would fit in the game, I just don’t think that it’s an idea that would get added, especially since it’s ANOTHER heat magic.

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Supernova is a bit too scientific in my opinion. I think of magics as being fairly medieval. Same problem with plasma and electron in my opinion.