Will game stats be reset in AO?

Like stats as in the ones that appear when you hover your cursor over a players name, with stuff like ‘Crowns Earned’, ‘Hours Played’, etc.

Most likely, since it wouldn’t make sense for most of those stats to transfer over (why have a crowns earned when you start off with 0 galleons, why have hours played when you’re level 1, etc)

Yeah thats fairly logical and is probably whats gonna happen, wish a tester or someone would confirm though

Pretty sure game stats are staying cause it shows that you played wom before AO

your generation would show that

i can’t see why it would, it’s already been adjusted for ao and no real reason to wipe it

plus most of us are literally about to speedrun into max lvl within the next days


it doesn’t seem too hard to lvl in ao and i said speed running in a satirical sense, same way how it’ll take u less than 1-3 hours to reach max on wom in a sense a speed running feeling

ao sounds more fun if it’ll take u a reasonable 2-3 days to max for the story and letting everything sink in

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