Will our character in AO be a chosen one?

Will the protagonist in Arcane Odyssey be a chosen one?

In Arcane Adventures, the dead revival magic that was used on our character gave it chosen-one-like properties. It gave us a major magic boost. That’s why you don’t see any npc wizards get to the point of killing Durza after a few hours of grinding gunslingers at Oblitesco.

In World of Magic, our characters are not chosen ones. We are ordinary wizards, with no real advantages, who happen to become some of the strongest wizards in all of Magius due to hard work.

What about in Arcane Odyssey? Will some dead-revival-esque event give the player a major advantage over other characters in the story, or will they be a normal but above average wizard?

Eh, idc either way. You could argue the player in the first game wasn’t really a chosen one either. They just had a big boost of power, that’s all. It’s like Theos being a prodigy.

They had some advantage that no one else had, making them pretty much the only person capable of stopping Durza. Seems pretty chosen-one-y to me.

All we really know is that our character in AO is going to be stronger than our AA counterpart, though thats also speculations unless stated otherwise

Not gonna lie, I kind of prefer not being the chosen one, and if we were I would want it to be less “Oh they get magical powaaas” and more like working towards a goal

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Our WoM character is a chosen one, we just never got to see the big threat we were chosen for.

god i hope not

i do not want “chosen one” in AO
the “chosen one” concept is so overdone and bland


Your character doesn’t need to start with some huge advantage or special abilities to be the one to save the world from some great threat. The whole point of RPGs is to work hard to become strong enough to do that on your own. Having the player be special from the start is unnecessary.

i just want my 3 files to be a group of dumbasses playing pirate who just managed to get this far out of sheer luck

none of that chosen one shit

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I will say that the character from AA had to be the chosen one because they had little time before Durza would have destroyed the seven seas.

The character from AO might have even less time so I think it might just be that we find lost and primordial magics and thats how we get our boost.

Oh shit

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Welp, shit

Idc, Fang and my other saves ignore the lore so I can write their own story

They might not be the chosen one, but there’s always the chance of…

I think the correct answer is “no one knows” though.


mroden is my fave AO character!

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mwahahaha this is my time to shine
Theos spent his whole life chasing the wizard, he was born a prodigy, he lost his family which caused him to mutate one of his magics to phoenix.
The player was just a peasant that got accidentally revived. So you can’t say he/she was chosen.
A trope of the “unchosen one” type guides the writer to make the original chosen one die or be scared of coming age, making him/her pass his/her will on-to the another person despite them not being chosen.
Theos feared his old-age and asked the Player to carry out his will so he may rest in peace.

Moreover, in WoM the Player is a random character with a random culture. Even if they were born into a noble bloodline, they would not have much to do with their families business or inherit any money, making it just a name to buy culture-specific items.

And tech-senpai hinted once saying “lmao y’all know nothing about the Unchosen one”

About AO: The Player wakes up with no memories and starts to adventure? That’s no-where near enough motivation to make the Player become worthy of becoming a symbol of an eagle. Now my recent theory may be that someone is deceiving his adventure may be at play but there’s no way the AO player is Chosen even if he may be born of noble blood or special in some-way. Just a hunch though.

Doesn’t make him chosen in my opinion. There were many wizards who tried to defeat Durza. There were many prodigies. There were many people who lost their families to Durza. Theos isn’t special.

The random peasant that was to become the Peacekeeper wasn’t really chosen, but they still fit the chosen one trope. They were revived, making them virtually the only person capable of defeating Durza. Their power, when trained and focused, made them greater than even Cursebeard. The AA character was a chosen one.

I asked tech-senpai
He said he was “confused how somebody thought there was a chosen one”
“Everyone is their own protagonist in their own life, That was going to be shown throughout AA but we never got far enough to illustrate it
Averill and spade and averill getting the light curse
Trigno and rupin and trigno putting his past behind him
Landon and his fears and becoming who he always is meant to be
Sage getting past her resentment and ego and changing towards someone to be relied on
All sorts of stuff”

Guess we were both wrong in assuming there was a chosen one in the first place :c