Will Suncry reach legendary before TGR?

  • sure yeah i guess
  • nah fam

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fuck suncry me and the boys hate suncry

they are so hated they’ve become a “kill on sight” kind of guild

they have no chance unless they raid

Superior yeah.

20,000 infamy before tgr MAYBEEE but not legendary.


No lmao. After TGR yes.

In the past week or so they’ve gained a small amount compared to their regular amount, so maybe 20k at the least.

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Not even half way infamy-wise to legendary.
It isn’t going to happen.

Nah its already slowing down. Imagine when suncry reaches its goal of 15k, it will slow down even more


No, Estaban is going to carry Suncry to 69420 million infamy in a day.


They gonna do a “Black bulls”. Im gonna let u all decide what that means

legendary??? nooo i’d love to see them hit it but nooo


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whoever wrote sure yeah needs to re-learn 6th grade maths. Suncry won’t even reach 15k infamy considering infamy’s getting reset but maybe they could try.

it won’t even reach 15,500