Will there be instruments in Ao

I want to play sea shanties shut up.

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There was an instrument in AA, so it’s likely. We’ll also be getting instrument weapons in AO, maybe they can be played as regular weapons

can you play it like a virtual piano layout?

That would be cool to play banjo sounds like this
or to play preset made audios? (thats cool too ig)

There wasa bit of talk (and I think a response from Vetex) That they may be a vitality thing

Literally bard

Lmaoo time to change warden to bard

Do you think that people playing a Lego game can actually play a piano on a computer keyboard.
Without using some kind of autokey.

some people. but thats a fair point :skull:

itll be fun trust

I mean it fits in with the spirit raising the spirits of your companions with music

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aa had something similar to this, it had a banjo that played different notes depending on what keys you pressed

There could be pre made songs on a list.

thats why we need midi support in the game, id be leaking piss everywhere and also defecating in my under clothes if we got the ability to use midis in ao just like in ze wild west :drooling_face:

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