Will this get me banned?

If I were to make a deal that is “Do my math homework and I’ll give headless head” will that be considered against the rules?

yeah, i think so.
i mean, it does say in the rules to not trade, for example, a sunken sword with cash from another game outside of world of magic, like example, jailbreak.

I mean… it’s math homework? Not other in game items? That’s gonna be pretty confusing.

I’d DM a mod about that.

I’d do it for free

explains you doing it for free

by simply answering one question and call it a day

three* and including the work so i can learn how to do it


ill gladly accept that offer

This is why you should follow along in class, kids. You get to avoid these types of dilemmas.

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Yeah, I followed along. Still got confused. I wouldn’t stop following along if me getting a free 120 dollars or so is on the line.


i think that’s just limited to objects
services should be fine tho

From careless to helpful, Noble has grown quite a lot

i like ya username

It’s information

Everything is legal when the cop isn’t around