Wish To Speak With SunCry

I need to ask a representative (preferable a higher-up) of the clan SunCry a question. When a representative replies, i will reply back with my request.

im a sr mage in suncry
feel free to ask me anything

Okay so myself and a few others are hoping to be affiliated with your clan, and we will be a group of twelve at some point, therefore it would be great if we could be like the seven warlords of the sea in one piece with SunCry— The Twelve Warlords of the Sea. Feel free to give any feedback, accept, decline, etc.

edit: got it, i didn’t specifically wanna ally just wanted the Twelve Warlords to be known by many—recognized as a threat but not a threat to SunCry’s order. It would also be great if SunCry could be, like non hostile toward the Twelve Warlords. Thanks.

you asking to like ally or smth?
we arent allying with anybody at the moment, sorry

Would you ally with the grand navy or a positive rep clan or something :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

probably wont start until ao
even still, i doubt we would ally with any clans, especially smaller clans like yourself. no offense

I don’t think 12 man Works in a videogame

replying is 2020000200202020202472463% better than editing please reply
we just do the funny infamy we aint gonna hunt your asses down because youre a new guild
if infamy farming is hostile to you then better luck next time fella

Would probably be hard for a 12-man organization to gain much recognition/infamy, unless it was full of extremely good PvPers or well known by the guild community


im nuttin

Syndicate(had less than 12)

Is piss cry filled with 14 year olds?

The only thing that will be recognized as a threat is me hunting you down :smiling_imp: (joke I’m just having fun)

^ here

ik I was just giving an example

i’m a suncry council (one of the leaders if you don’t know what it is)
what the fuck

come back when you have ranked up from a nobody to a somebody (forum clout ranking system)

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not in suncry nor do i care about this topic but it’s in the guilds category so i’m obliged to say that omega is winning

i’m a suncry senior mage (one of the slightly idiotic nerds if you don’t know what that is)
i agree 100%