[ WoM + AO? Cringe AU ] Morden gets isekaied to WoM High School

Full name: My name is Morden. I am a new student of Arcane Academy and I lived in the War Seas, but I was killed on my way to my school because of the war. Later, I woke up with amnesia and realized I was late for school, so I ran to school only to realize this isn’t Arcane Academy. So now, I am a new student but in Magius Academy instead!

Yep. The whole title is the AU’s plot.

Highschool student Morden gets isekaied from War Seas to Magius.

The comic I will never finish no matter what

Some notes and doodles regarding school uniform for weeb factor

Bonus: Our poor protagonist, Morden bumped into the king!!!

as for the other people, go ape and feel free to make content for this shitty au.


bnt this is going too far

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This is beautiful I am crying

Can I ping like ALL the artists to get in on this? Looks like it would be a pretty hot AU. Only make is where Arcane Adventures’ highschool exploded just like L’Manberg and JD from Heathers.



y e s

I meam


What the heckles did you say this time…?

are you sure you want to know


I am very sure

si senior

speaking of the genre
(people’s username are censored for privacy purposes)

I fear this creation.

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anyways, here’s highschool au morden with that one anime protagonist seat

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Always the back near the window, nice.

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this au actually seems like a nice one
cue adding in my wom/ao ocs as fellow background character students ez

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he looks like this guy:

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btw here’s the actual reference image I used for morden’s outfit