Β«-γ€Š WoM | :crown:Doge Nation :crown:》-Β»

β”‡πŸŸ§ King: Doge King#3138

β”‡πŸŸ§ Dark Guild

IπŸ‘‘I About Doge Nationγ€ŠI I》

:clipboard: - We are Doge Nation, a dark guild for World of Magic. We plan to be actuve in the fighting scene of World of Magic which includes fighting for territories, and other stuff. We fight for the glory of Doge Nation and to conquer a small part of Magius.

:clipboard: - Doge Nation is a lighthearted, dark guild, where we value fun, contribution, and efficiency. Members are very active and we have a healthy community! Doge Nation allows its members to choose divisions, where you will be assigned different jobs and activities, that ultimately make Doge Nation, Its community, and you better. We offer protection for members throughout all Magius, and we watch each other’s back. This isn’t some tryhard, sweaty, pvp guild, It is a guild where you can contribute to a community and have fun.

:clipboard: - We are always doing events like wars, raid battles in cities, training tournaments and much more! Doge Nation is an active guild!

IπŸ”±I Requirements to joinγ€ŠI I》

:clipboard: - To join Doge Nation there are some requirements, such as your loyalty, activity and skill. We will be playing this game for a long time so we need to take recruiting seriously.

:clipboard: - If you’re interested in joining Doge Nation you need to follow certain requirements:

Β» Active Doges

Β» Medium Skill +

Β» Loyal Doges

IπŸ”±I hope you join this great empire and come on this great journey!

:link:: https://discord.gg/ckkgrfQ


please dont do this dude


Didn’t your guild die?


Doge king is back with even more general invites

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Oh boy this is gonna be a wild ride…


how many people will you invite in general :nauseated_face:

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He returns. The fabled Doge King himself.

oh boy can’t fucking wait for this :sleeper:

LOL HE’S BACK AND WITH some nice looking banners

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I never died
Doge Nation never died
It was just my big plan to get everyone to think we were dead to stop spy raids and toxic people from pissing me off and it worked really well until the game launched and now I’m back in the eyes of others and 100% clean of spy! i wont let more ramdom spy join here.

Doge nation still strong
but everithing now at doge nation its great and better!

Aren’t you still accepting random people like right now

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nope cause there a verify and join request, new anti spy strategy, bots and i banned like 90% of peoples joining

Dont mess with Doges!

Oh boy this is gonna be interesting


this guild is gonna end up failing again isn’t it


Poster Doge 2

hMMmmm he came back once again after its fall

this truly is a poggers moment


your guild was screwed ever since the skycop incident, and its still screwed to this day. dont do this to yourself

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