WoM Permadeath



theoretically speaking, what would happen if i were to 4v1 them

i might try something like this, how many lives do you get per character in midwoken? (to translate it over)


Nooooo his character would get delted :frcryin: :frcryin: :frcryin:


He was delted an unlucky hand.

Now we all wait until they reach level 45 :flushed:

2 lifes, if you level up, one is restored, losing 2 will send you to depths, where you need do a trial to escape, dying in depths wipes you

What would the delths trial for ao be

magic council captain

sounds like a fun way to play WoM, maybe Rogue’s permadeath system instead of Midwoken. Cap at 3 lives and restore 1 life every 30 levels, or do it raw and no restore at all

Depends of your level

ngl I should create an account called AO_PermaDeath :troll:
tho should only created when AO comes out


I will genuinely kill vetex if Permadeath is fucking added and I can lose ALL my shit (especially rare things) after I grinded for several days straight. Permadeath isn’t fun (except roguelites) especially in roblox games.

REAL :scream: :scream:

I digress, if he added a mode specifically for that I’d be having the time of my life. It gives a thrill that nothing else can give, the feeling of adrenaline pumping in your brain and hearing your heartbeat is really something of it’s own