WoM Player Cringe

So these bums 2v1d me, lost and just left like this:
Screenshot 2022-12-09 100126

bro misspelled pupil

who’s the bums

The people who 2v1d me, their stats were bad but it does not disregard the fact that saying pupil is cringe. Especially for a Roblox game.

pupil like the eyeball part or student

is the other one the guy who mispelled “cringe”

Student most likely


what a weird insult

@anon82052662 its you!

@anon82052662 Was it for a joke or was it for real?

Whats their usernames

Bro @anon82052662 yall literally did the exact same to us when we tried to inv you to some fishing :sob:

and to think he wanted to recruit people for his clan because people are toxic 2v1ing him
pretty ironic dont you agree

I was fishing in that server. Tried to get @anon82052662 and @CrimsonCreate to fish with me but Ezia didn’t want to fish.

Actually we didn’t 2v1 you, you murdered him so I murdered you

No actually it’s Daredevil dude who mispelled cringe, my pupil was Jinhao Auburn

Ain’t a man aloud to fool around ?

I’m just confused at this point

hey ezia I have a cool superpower topic go check it out


why you being mean in WoM to everyone

I don’t get it, what super power topic ? And why would I be mean ?

(and a lightning user you most of the time will find running along side him.)