WoMs Magic Design Issues

There’s quite a number of issues magics have due to its concept and design. Magics all share similar movesets to try and make each magic balanced and well rounded. In compensation for this, they have unique clashes and interactions.

Magic Types and Skills
There’s quite a number of magic types. There’s 23 elementals, 18 lost, and 11 primordials. This sounds like a lot of variety, but due to having similar movesets could extremely hurt this. Some primordials do have unique skills and lost having some slightly interesting stuff, which is pretty nice and would like other magics to have something unique. Perhaps better skills, more unique effects, etc. The idea is there but needs to be expanded on (Plus no stupid “early game = lame” kinda shit)

Clashes and Interactions
Clashes in WoM work as expected. If you have 2 magic types, they will both interact in different ways. However, interactions is probably the reason why I hate magics design a ton. Due to many interactions that either buff or debuff your magic, it can determine what magics you want to go in the future. Everyone wants to have an effective kit, which is why you always see kits like water/lightning/ice or fire/plasma/ash. The worst part about this is interactions aren’t even that interesting. It’s either stun (freeze, petrify, etc.), buff/debuff dmg by a percent with either another magic effect or bleed. Some ideas to make this more unique are debuffing different stats for certain interactions such as casting time or damage. This problem could or could not be a thing when lost and primordials come out however. We’ll see if WoM lives or not.

Magics do feel like they’re meant to be basic and lame. I don’t think this is a good thing and should be changed as soon as possible. It just leads to very similar kits and unoriginal skills.


Uhh, not much we can do about that. I’m not sure what you want the interacts to do or even be.

yea hold on ill put some examples of what it could be

  • Debuffing any of the available armour stats
  • Reducing max magic energy or stamina
  • Reducing magic energy or stamina regen
  • Restrict certain moves (Ex. High Jumps)

Kinda get the idea?

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mastery of your first magic coming quite early would be nice

gold/lightning/maybe fire :sunglasses:

Big aoe

basic starter first tier magics are basic and basic = bad
abandon simplicity
return to convolution POGGERS


ah yes each magic having the same/similar ass interactions that it basically doesn’t matter what you pick

yea it dont matter
just pick the one that kills things faster


this entire essay sounds biased tbh

how so hm?

you only bring up the negatives and bad things such as calling things basic and lame when all you did was bring up the basic and lame parts of the magics

the only thing i can say thats good is the looks to be fair, but i see your point

isn’t that the point of the post though? to point out the basic and lame parts of the magics?? bruh

it still sounds really biased though?? bruh

so??? what’s so bad about it being biased in this specific case? mans literally listed what he thinks is dumb about magic design or whatever

thing is in this specific case it would be better not to be biased and look at both sides to give a better answer and conclusion. “WoMs Magic Design Issues” State whats good AND bad about the design and propose ideas to fix the bad parts and complement the good ones, Inferno did state some ideas to fix this but I did not see anything about the good parts of the magics.

Its always good to look at the bad stuff in things but its always the best to look at both the good things, the bad things and to come up with a solution.


then go ahead and compile inferno’s post into a version that you find acceptable :fr:


you can go find something better to do with your life than follow me around and try to start drama at fucking 11 o clock

aren’t you the one that keeps this conversation going?

you asked me a question and i answered :neutral_face: