World of Magic broke again😢(Edit: Roblox broke)

Maybe roblox or something broke everything who knows, (Yes it was a roblox issue it seems) here are some examples of the broken guis. Everything is super tiny and compact.

Edit: Seems other games are having similar issues, so it shouldn’t be long hopefully before roblox fixes it.


What the fuck.

World of Magic, now ant-friendly!

Yea it must be the new ant man update lol

Didn’t know we would get another Halloween update :flushed:


Nice inventory, I had to borrow the hubble space telescope real quick.


World of Magic part 2


its on all of roblox i think

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Honey, I shrunk the GUI!


Ohh yea after searching a couple minutes in other roblox game discords I found people having the same problem in those games with GUIs shrinking or just being wack.

That is good news at least now we know it will almost definitely get fixed.

ye true

i think its good now

nice inventory, i had the borrow a 1000x zoom microscope to see it

Agility and strength… really my guy? Couldn’t of used power and magic size instead?


Comes from Mino set. That’s my no magic file.

Hmm… sure.

Can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not so


your gonna kill a captain with one barrage of raging storm

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it only does like 400~ damage