World Of Magic: Carter's fall into Darkness

In this piece, Carter is succumbing to his own power after corruption (a little twist I made to WoM to make it a lot more fun to imagine). After his own power and greed corrupt his mind, he joins forces with the Dark Wizards to rebel against the Mighty Magic Council. Who knows if the path to redemption will still be an open window for him?


love the sketchy line art (has always been something i wanted to do myself but i tilt my pen too much to get good results)

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Really nice art, and a potentially interesting story as well. I wonder what specifically caused him to join forces with the Dark Wizards.

The rest of the comment, somewhat long (be warned).

Corruption stories are always interesting, but I like to overthink things so I’m going to indulge in that for a bit here. What does it even mean when we say someone is corrupted? It seems like a way to blame someone’s personality shift on some otherworldly entity - some “corrupter” that twisted and contorted their initially agreeable self into its current wretched state.

I would say that if someone were to change into a less agreeable version of themselves due to increased power or greed (something that I believe would happen to most people), that they always bore the potential to be that disagreeable. The circumstance just wasn’t available to them.

In any case, rebellion against the Magic Council could be a perfectly just cause of action depending on the reasons behind it. They wield too much power for any sane human being to be comfortable with. Since they are not a single human being but an entire organization, it is naive to expect that they will always seek (or are even currently seeking) the best interests of the people.

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By greed he may have a filthy gluttonous desire for more power, possibly trying to grow stronger to once more overthrow the Magic Council. Although there are many magic council recruits and members there are also many others who have gone down the path of rebellion. Let’s say Carter had surrounded himself with people who despise the Magic Council. To me, corruption is when the use of a system, or some other things that are supposed to be beneficial, are used for the wrong reasons. In this case, he is overwhelmed with the thoughts and complaints of many others like him talking about how the Magic Council is unfair and harsh on the Citizens, and etc, fueling his motivation to rebel. That is where redemption is in his wake but this kind of corruption that is lingering around him is composed of being ignorant and pessimistic. It’s a lot harder for me to explain knowing that his true story isn’t complete yet but I will go into further detail once I set it all out. ^^

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then he just wakes up on a ragdoll isle


this looks really nice

have the holy like

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Haha he couldn’t handle the rebel swag

(Insert timmy galleon default dancing here)

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smh he missed his throwable rope

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