World of Magic - Where are we now

It is the year 2025, you have changed a lot, you finished school and are going to college, or you finished your career and you now work in a McDonald’s. It’s finally 8 PM, you’re going home, finally, it’s summer
You start thinking about what you’re going to do in the summer, when you remember: World of Magic, you jump out of bed and log onto the computer. You search for it for 2 hours because most of the results were world of Warcraft. You finally find the forum, it says: WoM is gone because Roblox went bankrupt, you think of leaving, but, on the comments, a kind man remade the engine for vetex to paste the code there and has the servers running from gofundme. A tear drips from your eye. A tear of happiness. You log in to the forums. The people there have lost their gear and lost magics, but the guild drama is still up. Dawn is reigning supreme even though its most powerful member burgr left for work. Latom is being bullied and noble and shit piss cum are fighting. “Just like it always was” but not really. You look at the gam page and see it hasn’t been updated in 8 months. That explains it. But, there is a discord server. Discord is almost gone, to the point every message takes a minute to send and you can only see a message at a time . But serotonin rushes through your brain when you see the words “Final update releasing!” You rush to the game, Create a new file and look at how beautiful everything is. You listen to a bit of the music as olden memories come in. You immediately get killed by a level 5000 cracked getting guild infamy, but you are not mad, it looked very cool and flashy. But somehow not vetex’s style, then it hits you, he died from the cancer from which he recovered a decade ago. The new developer is somehow better. You sink in to the amazing game created by a 20 year old as the summer passes. The very likely to happen nuclear war means less progressively now. Happiness :frcryin:


most unrealistic part

Wait level 1 cant be killed
damm this is deep

stfu retard this is not real

:pensive:fooled me


cry noises

i doubt vetex is gonna die by 2025, please no

in AA roblox’s official presentation i heard something about vetex battling severe optic neuritis

i think thats code for eye infection

same thing

The year is 2047, Vetex has finally completed World of Magic.
“I did it!” he announces in the Discord.
The message echoes through the empty channels. The community left long ago.


TRUE LOL. mfw i accidentally cut myself while making a sandwich (i died of cancer 10 years later)

he forgot to run ads :pensive:

…optic neuritis

eh it doesn’t look too bad-

i think

no u die instanltny

true. i am literally thaegan from deltora quest

This is going in my cursed forums and discord video

(Another dream) The monsters running wild inside of me

I cried, this is a literary masterpiece, you could sell this shit at barnes and noble or something and be the next J.K rowling, without the sjw part hopefully.

true true. agreed

actually there won’t be a year past 2020 so this is fake

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