Worst Magic In Your Opinion In General

Worst Magic
  • Water Magic
  • Ink Magic
  • Earth Magic
  • Ice Magic
  • Lightning Magic
  • Magma Magic
  • Wood Magic
  • Light Magic
  • Wind Magic
  • Shadow Magic
  • Iron Magic
  • Paper Magic
  • Poison Magic
  • Gold Magic
  • Plasma Magic
  • Sand Magic
  • Glass Magic
  • Crystal Magic
  • Snow Magic
  • Explosion Magic

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Ash, Acid and Fire are not there because poll limit.
I’ll leave this up for like a week.

Explosion best btw :>

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wood bc it looks the most boring

eh it kinda looks epic :>

unless its like world tree magic in black clover, where u summon trees, using dead parts of a tree sounds lame

picking earth because it looks like poop, and in the stone variations it still has that ugly glow around its particles

I can understand that.



Its Explosion. When your using it its so fun, when your getitng attacked by it, you may feel like quitting for a day.

So people don’t instantly change their vote to whatever’s most popular.

Doesn’t that make it a good magic, then?

meh. depends on your perspective.

Oh, I just thought that being good offensively / meta means good

i think plasma’s nerf and indirect nerfs were too harsh, it already has a very low damage affinity, it didnt need a reduction on dot and have an extra 3 seconds of cooldown on it, and having no size increase makes it hard to use with the new endlag/cooldown change

worst magic

gold be winnin :hungry:

  • fire
  • ash
  • acid

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Bruh who tf said Fire’s the worst magic, even out of those three

sand…it’s coarse rough and irritating

and gets everywhere