Worst suggestions for ao

What are some terrible suggestions you have that are objectively funny?

Mine is that the more years you account has, it reduces your max health starting from thirty, increasing the percent overtime.


when you die twice you get forced to go into the dark sea and you need to navigate out and if you die in the dark sea your save file wipes

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I dont even know wbat hes trying to cook

extending off of this
make it to where the more years a mage account has, it gives them a large amount of power + defense passively to be lore accurate

Buff mage

dying in the dark sea respawns you on a completely random dark sea island in a completely random layer

Dying in the Dark Sea only makes you go “unconscious” and you have to do the whole “Wake Up” click spam everytime you die, problem is, you wake up with one of your limbs atlanteanified, and you get one passive tier of insanity, these stack at the layer of the Dark Sea you’re in.

Each atlanteanified limb gives you 5% increased stats. But reaching Insanity 5 will do the crazy damage all the same as it would normally (without warding, of course).

You get to dock your boat everytime you die, but it loses 1/3 of its health.

Lastly, if you make it back to the war seas, you’ll need to get yourself fixed before you die after a certain time. If you die in the Dark Sea with all limbs atlanteanified, data wipe and an atlantean is saved with your equipment, your increased stats, same moveset and the stats are doubled, as well as the level showing 4 times your level before dying.

Basically what happens to the sailors in-lore, but, you know, to you.

LMFAOO, i get what hes trying to say but he did not word it right. he pretty much wants a beam that isnt aimed but follows an erratic looping path where anyone caught in the path takes damage. the drawing however almost looks like a penis and he says “the more of it in you”.

The player has to fully type out their spell names to cast any given spell. And you have to use at least two of the three words for each name.

Oh yeah, and you can’t copy paste into the chat anymore. Also, all NPCs have a period of downtime as they have to do this too.

all npcs have drastically improved ai so fighting them is like fighting a player

Thats actually nice

they also have gear like a player so you need to fight a level 160 in full sunken and Carina armor

They already have gear about as, if not better than ours. I swear to god, these guys manage to have 2k+ HP at level 120.

‘Accidentally’ add Cataclysm to the magic selection menu for a day and ban everyone who has it the next day

For April fools either
A- get rid of ALL the water, so people have to walk along the seafloor
B- flood the map, making it so everything but the sky islands is under water so they are now normal islands. Then make it so giant white eyes spawn in the normal sea, but only spawn really deep. Also +500% all shark spawns

nah bring back wom map :money_mouth_face: and also the magic council bounty system

Bro that’s just sharkpocalypse with extra steps.

I need that so I can fight off the opps (sharks).

typing rpg?
(i would have no problems with this as i can type crazy fast (130+ wpm))

theres a non zero chance you’ll get spawned in the epicenter or valuable islands like pirate and crystal, not a bad thing actually