Worst suggestions for ao

i miss my continent map

the louder and fancier you write your spells the more powerful they are

for example
‘biden blast’
as opposed to

That adds interesting strategy, actually. You would have to choose the most important spell that you would have copied. Are you really going to waste it on a beam when you can have airstep or explosion to get out of a pinch?

Make combat M1 centric

The max amount of enemies hit by any attack should be capped at 1 to make ship fights more interesting.
In addition, the 1 hit target should always prioritize the enemy with the least hp to help players clear the field faster.

What do you mean this is a bad idea?

ultimate art nuclear skibidi
rookie pirate took 800 damage!

buff thermo (i know i need to seek therapy :pensive:)

… you’d be getting sent into insanity 5 range with zero preparation.

you would die the second you spawned in.

you said random zones no?

tho ig for this to work all islands in dark sea would have to be rendered constantly, and since zone 5 is the largest itd make sense for you to get spawned in there most of the time

still, non zero chance and nothing to lose ( unless you have 1k+ galleon on yourself )

like an omega beam ?

Waves in the War Seas/Dark Sea can now knock Sealed/Dark Sealed chests off your ship.

npc’s are racist

thats in an upcoming story part dont worry

I hope they make it so you have to where a disguise to make it looked like your a sky dweller in skyhall, or otheerwise all npcs attack you and eveyonw else refuses to talk to you

how would you do that? not wear atlantean stuff?

Not look like a stand user


Where clothes produced in skyhall, they will assume that if you are wearing sea dweller clothes, you are one (they can’t take any chances they need to be racist to as many sea dwellers as possible)

If prehistoric animals like megalodon live in AO,then where are these goobers at?
Add em and make em normal or dark sea sea monsters :upside_down_face:

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Mewing shark :money_mouth_face: