Wotan relationship with the order

Do you think that Wotan and his children will be affiliated with the order or not

i hope so because then i’ll be able to kill another evil rich family :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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I feel like Wotan will not be affiliated with the order, but one of his sons would be


From the way he’s described, he doesn’t seem like the type.

The Order aren’t a bunch of warmongering barbarians, like people say Wotan is. They’re all about silent, widespread control. Whereas Wotan the Conqueror seems to just be a regular ol’ viking.

We worrying about wotan but I’m more focused on wotans brothers or the other deadly people that warren mentioned about

ngl wotan sounds like a fun guy

what if wotan is like actually a really cool guy and after one intense battle he becomes like a side ally or even perhaps some kind of major ally or force that aids us through the story

idk he butts heads with warren sometimes but it would be interesting as a dynamic where 2 of our friends don’t like eachother.

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That’s what I was thinking, one of his sons will probably be plotting with the order (maybe to takeover Keraxe himself)?
And besides I doubt we’d be able to kill Wotan in a fight given how Warren describes him

Who is Wotan again

nvm i read up