Would feints fit in Ao?

If bosses used feints it would be more difficult to fight them it would be like playing sekiro

I would leave that to vetex if he wants to give npc’s feints im more interested in the use of it for pvp

unfortunatly i doubt there would be a pvp update other than patches maybe

Feints would be very simple to add tbh whether or not it got added would just be up to how well i explained it to vetex.

I’m kind of terrible at presenting ideas initially, i think i need to explain it in full. Instead of being like, “guys what u think about adding feints🤓” although it was neccassary for this post when i explain to vetex ill give the idea in full.

Yeah they could too

^ every class would benefit

I just think feints would fit more thematically with the more physically based classes like warrior or zerker but idrc I see it as clutter anyways
Don’t @ me

substats were meta for like 2 entire patches before this :skull:

I think that feinting can be added simply subtly its not a big feature, if it got added people would be like o cool. I dont think there would be much of a reaction only from pvp sweats and they’ll probably just thank vetex for it.

Lord why is there 200 replies about some random PvP feature.

But in any case I only read the first few replies so I’ll just say that they should make feinting faster than regular attacks, then the follow up attack after that is faster too. Which is what’ll make it useful when it comes to AO.

I don’t understand arguments that say that X or Y wouldn’t work in AO when it could easily be tweaked so that it could. There’s only a few cases in which it’s true (not talking about blatant game bloat).

feints doesn’t really sound like a good idea in a fast paced combat system like ao. unless you’re running a slow build it’s just better to throw an attack than feinting. plus there’s always blocking and parrying which reduce the damage by a more than decent amount so you can just do that if you want to bait someone.

And even if you do successfully feint you still need to land you own counter attack before the enemy finishes their move (probably less than a second for most people) which is easier said than done.

If u succesfully feint someone its pretty easy to hit someone in there endlag its not op either i feel like it would be a fair and subtle mechanic.

god i fucking love Roman Cancels.

(^this is basically feinting on steroids. imagine being able to RC a blast the second the projectile comes out so you can use another spell immediately after. (don’t actually put this in the game i just think it’s fun to think about))

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