Would it be possible to learn to do magic without circles?

circles were implemented to make it easier to use magic, but could a wizard, having mastered their magic or something, conjure it without the usage of circles?

primitive magic casting has been lost to time, but if somebody were to somehow able to discover that it’s a thing and learns to cast magic via that method then yes, it is possible

it’d be cool if primitive magic casting also meant something like bending, though i kinda doubt it?

think that would be more like cursed
and primitive magic used magic from the soul i believe

magic circles is its successor, being more efficient and is less hazardous than its predecessor. as such, primitive magic had been left to be forgotten over the years due to how greatly it affects a user


Read this.

“No magic circles are required to use attacks if this element”

Though this is archived so I can’t say it is 100%

yeah but this is because you’re not “summoning” the magic anymore, you ARE the magic

pretty much just gaining slayer magic abilities?

it was me barry, i am the magic

You Like Jazz Magic

ppl with apoc bringer using awaken: I am wrath incarnate

that was a hold over from when WoM was a sorta weird fairy tail/AA crossover deal, its nowhere near canon anymore I don’t believe.

it was apparently much more versatile though, though I fail to see how that would really help. It was like a precursor magic

Curses exist, and maybe, Max tier magic should’nt use circle(awakened)

curses are a manifestation of magic not a method of learning magic