Would Perfect Block Timing Be Affected by Ping?

opening by saying that I haven’t used the block function but I’m trying to train myself to use it more. That said, I’m curious as to whether you would have to preemptively block if you’re on a high ping server. If anyone knows the answer, that would be cool, thx.

My ping gets erratic sometimes but I always block based on timing and visual cues so theres no need to block preemptively
That’s against NPCs, PVP on the other hand…

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Good to know, ty. I notice that when you aggro a boss it seems to run on client side. When laggy people hit it, it starts doing laggy jumps. When I hit it it resumes normal pace.

Yes, for high ping servers, you’ll have to block before you even see your enemy casting their ability.

i thought pvp was client sided, so I don’t really mind my ping.