Would This be a Good Ash Magic Change?

So last night I was thinking about ash and poison and how they’re so similar, and how poison is basically just the better version. Well, what if ash’s clouds did something different instead of dealing damage? Like what if while you’re in an ash cloud, your damage is reduced by 40% or 50%? And maybe when you leave the cloud the effect stays for 3-5 seconds? Idk I just think ash and poison need something that separate them both…Maybe ash could even slowly drain stamina and/or energy?

suggestions are closed

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Not drain energy, that will make it too op, but I like the dmg reduce, maybe not that high tho but like 10 - 15% maybe

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poison is not the better version of anything, it’s the worst magic in the game
dont get me wrong ash fucking sucks but poison is worse

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This is just an idea I had I’m not suggesting this

Ash is my second magic so I’d be interested in good changes

Hmm not really a fan of this, that large of a damage reduction is pretty severe especially for a base magic. Plus it doesn’t really fit ash’s current vibe in the game

Like the other one this doesn’t really fit ash as it is rn nor as a base magic, effects like these would make its clouds pretty OP

As for what I think could make ash clouds better, here are a couple random ideas off the top of my head

  • Ash attacks have much better clash rates when clashing within clouds, or ash clouds have their own clash rates that get stronger as the cloud gets bigger
  • Ash clouds could proc petrified under the right circumstances (hazards currently don’t apply status effects in WoM, idk about AO but I don’t think they do)
  • Ash clouds apply a visually impeding status effect like blind, or a regen-nerfing status effect (basically dot)

Too lazy to think of others rn

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does it really need to be that special
at the end of the day, you generally take a magic based on how cool it is and make it original with lost spells and such

ash op

i think a blast speed reduction would be better, like how water/acid are slower when casted underwater

I think ash is gonna get way more used when lost magics are added, it can do an annoying synergy with flare.

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