Would Vetex Uncopylock WOM?

Like, after AO is released, do you think he would ever uncopylock it?
I would love to take WOM, add a dashing feature, and never touch it again.

Probably not. It just doesn’t seem like the sort of thing Vetex would do.

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Oh, well.

I highly doubt it, I don’t think even AA is uncopylocked. Even OF was uncopylocked only a couple months ago when someone asked.

Those are plans for WoM I guess

Aa should be uncopylocked so I can play it using a modded roblox version from 2015

WOM is still relatively new to be uncopylocked imo

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World of unfinished :pensive:

Roblox devs on their way to just import WoM’s magic system into their game and get 500k+ players daily off of it

probably yeah but that wouldnt be until arcane odyssey is done i bet

i dont think he’d wants everyone to steal his assets but who knows