Would you rather be a catgirl or catboy

  • Catboy
  • CatGirl

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do the consequences involve crucifixion


We can only hope

Where is the neither option

why not

I’d rather perish

I’d rather be dead

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yes they do

i would like to die

you’ll die regardless of your choice lmao

change it to “i would like to die immediately” then

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One part of me asks what the biological advantages are.
The other part wonders just how long it’d be until you’re kidnapped and experimented on.

yep that’s where my brain goes.

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Why did I follow BNT.
I’m led to shitty topics like this.

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what do you think?

one pair of ears for higher frequencies of sound, other pair for lower frequencies of sound. (nya)


So basically what you’re telling me is that its not worth it in the slightest.

yes, but you should still do it

im glad these arent public votes