Would You Rather


A. Get Top Donator role but have a complete progress wipe (delete all profiles) and have your ping reduced by 50ms (Max is 0)


B. Have all of the Gamepasses as well as any future ones, (not including donator titles) but fish manually by hand and no auto clicking/macro for the rest of your life, as well as always playing in public servers (no ded servers).

I never used macro/autoclicker to fish and would choose B

but I have to choose A so I can still play WoM without lag

Wait wdym lag…
Don’t tell me ur pc can’t handle public servers

yes, I have potato PC (opening roblox already heat my PC so fast)
it made for rendering and art so it’s kinda bad

and Asian internet kinda sucky

Ah ok… rip xD

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This is stupidly funny to me

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i’d pick B since i already fish manually

wouldn’t wanna pick A since i’m about to hit 1000 hours on my slot

Wait you hit 1k hours? :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

Nvm I’m blind

if this includes any future gamepasses then b, would never pick a tho

Yeah it does, I’ll specify


hitting 1k hours tonight

This is a problem.

“Tonight” = 6 hours to go


well im actually at 997 hours i think it’s just a visual bug where my hours dont age

when i server hop it fixes


Also, what do you do to grind hours? Chest hunting?
Are you afking or macro or something

i chest hunt
i’d say my chests are actually pretty low for my hours

im gonna start pvping when fps casting is gone
i think the closest person behind me is an autofisher at like 920 hours

Oh wow ok, nice lol

What are you hunting for? I assume you already have all of the items you’ll ever want and have hit the crown cap a hundred times over.

idk, i dont even keep my items when i server hop usually,
ive been stuck at 600k value and ~75k items for the past like 25k items ive found and ive sold nothing

i guess im just going for the 100k chests opened