Wtf the fourms are actually alive

Now this is redditor big chungus reddit moment amogus 2021 moment alive chat xd

Edit: nvm they are dying again

how many u think will be here once AO comes

im guessing atleast over 60

u think it could hit 100

depends on how popular it gets tbh

i predict the game will hit at least 2000 people at one moment

I actually think that when AO comes out we’ll have about 120+ users. I know a lot of people are guessing that most likely it’s a lower number but I have high hopes since a lot of old users as well as new ones will come onto here.

nah im guessing around 10-30k

Actually yeah that I do recall some people saying that they will ccome back to fourms when AO is released so makes sense

nah at some moments in the day there are 400 people on

oh u meant forum sorry