Wurmbles of mumbles is shit gaem

obvious satire

wom bad
wom trash
here why

numberero unoe
control bad
like why the fuk is left shift a charge
and control is the toggle run
every one fuc ing kn ow s that lft shft is run and charge is any other key
stupid bicth

numere tow
fight is booooreeeiiiiiiinnnngggggg
i dont caer if the gema is only lik 4 update in
the fights are fucking dumbn
ai are always hitting me cause i dont know how dodging works
stupid exile boss keeps spamming his stupid hadangeki spam i hate the bosses in dis gaem

Numebr trhee
waah waah i just got out of sitting in jail for 5 minuet vetex u stupid bicth why are u so dum in ur game ideas i jus wana commit genocide on pixel people and not expect any kind of punishment
i’m so mad reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuk u ve t x i hat u so mucth u stupid dickhed
die di edi e ddiee ddie die die diene dededie di iedi eid e diediedei eddi ediedei de diedi edidie diedi ediedeid eidede iedeideiedieidedieideidieideideidiedie di ieid ieidie deidei ee diei ieid ed

a nd no w i wi ll never go t o t h e furom e vr ag ian
by e n er ds

(god, I hope this post counts as barely comprehensible cause the poor spelling was intentional)


Nice one
Great recreation of a brain dead verified

I agree with the the :100:

Yo that word is banned.

Change this to off topic before some mod game ends you and put it as meme as well

Ayo that’s kind enough true tho… Except bandits do like 10 damage now…


You forgot to mention how they have terrible word choice.