Y do I not have access to the shops category

I have no idea where to put this supposedly I was gonna get access after 5 mins of reading, it’s been way over 5 minutes and no access :pensive: is there some super secret gangam style doodoo fart step that I have to do???

Yeah you have to transfer some of your life force to the forums

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aight bet lemme just grab a knife rq

Trust level. You can check that.

It’s something I suggested after seeing many people making an account, posting trades as their first post, and making horrible trades.

It ended up being accepted. Just stay here a bit more time. It should solve it.

damn so I gotta wait another 10 hours just to not get cockblocked? I can wait!!!

Blame Smokey

It’s not 10 hours, chill, at least not that I know


Ok Smokey

: /

fuck you

well it was something done because of me anyway sooo… you’ve got a point