Y'all ever open up starscape after 10 months and



what’ starcape and is it fun

big space game, very grindy, very fun

Damn , Noble is still indeed winning?!

Bro i opened up starscape for the first time in 8 months a few days ago, i got me paragon mk2 and went to gatinsir since i heard there was a wormhole to wild teritory over there.
I mean, i have a paragon mk2, i can’t get beat up by big ass ships, right?
I was correct
I got beat up by a paragon X

10/10 good game will recommend
This game has lots of rogue vibes doe

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I used to pirate at gatinsir a bunch a long time too, all the paragon mk2 pirates there literally all had mutual respect for each other and will not attack each other