"Yep That's Money Laundering" Thread

Shady ass things that you are CONVINCED are a money laundering scheme


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Epic Games. I have hundreds of dollars worth of games on there despite only paying them around $40 in total. I can’t imagine how the free game thing is possibly profitable. They have to be selling arms to Saudi Arabia or something.


Discord. I find it hard to believe they were paying the bills with just Nitro and Nitro Classic before they added profile banners and text character limit increases to Nitro.

Still gonna use it though.

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they were, then microsoft acquired them and they made nitro better, nitro was just nitro classic but 2 funny boosts that’s it and you got to pay double the price now nitro is becoming more worth it.

Thinking about it microsoft acquired both skype and discord, isn’t that awkward.

Microsoft never bought them though…unless I’ve been trippin’ through timeline recently, which would explain alot

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no you’re right I’m the one tripping

plot twist they are arms dealer

Saudi Arabia is getting that number 1 victory royal :sunglasses:

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they probably make the company who has their game become free pay them so that they can get their game become free
what i mean is:
sega has made sonic mania become free on epic games for a entire week.
sega pays epic games like, lets say, 1 million dollars, so that they can get their game become free for a entire week.

Nope. Epic pays Sega. Sega literally loses money by making their game free. Epic pays them to compensate. In turn, Epic gains users because they have a bunch of free AAA games that Steam lacks.

ah, i see.

wait a question
does epic gain money by having their users use their launcher?
like, the more people play their games, the more money epic gains.
they gain it like how premium payouts in roblox work.
i mean, both epic and sega gotta make money, right?

“book deals”
“abstract art”
highly overpriced things on sites like ebay

Epic takes a chunk of all purchase. I think its like 18% or something. If you buy a game using their launcher, they get money.