Yet another Introduction

Hello, people who actually look at this category.
I am Clear, or skorai, depending on the platform.
I mostly joined the Forum so I can eventually start making my suggestions.
(Considering the fact that I probably won’t be replying to many topics, that might take a while)
I currently have two characters in Arcane Odyssey, and might make a third at some point.
(Character 1: A Mage, with two magic types that are probably not that good together, but, in my opinion, each a solid choice on their own.
Character 2: A Conjurer, using Sand Magic. This most definitely will not go wrong, at all.
Potential third character: Probably a Juggernaut. I do want to try out fighting styles, at some point)
If anyone actually wants to know more about me, which I do not expect, just ask. Worst case scenario is that you’ll never learn.


what are the magics?

Crystal (Sapphire), and Shadow.

Welcome to the forums!

not bad at all.

Welcome to the forums :clap:

Sounds like an actually normal new arrival for once

walter black, edgelord chemethist

Conjurer wind magic + sword user
customise sword move to be ‘windblade’
refuse to elaborate further

Why in the world would I name a character in a fantasy setting “Walter”? (Still not seeing why the Sapphire variant of Crystal magic is associated to that name, and honestly, I don’t think I want to know)
If I wanted to be an edgelord, I’d have picked… does an Amethyst version of Crystal exist? If it does, it’s one of the more likely choices for an intentionally edgy build, along with Ruby.
P.S.: I haven’t played in about a week, now, and I feel like I barely know stuff anymore without having to check.


The meth in breaking bad was dyed blue for some reason, idk I don’t watch it.

Yes it does

Also, something that’s probably slightly more relevant, I currently have my third character, with a full strength build. (Their water magic will be lost, when I get around to awakening them, if I do that)

Because I have failed to mention it here, I have replaced my Berserker with a Savant. That’ll probably be more fun as the level cap rises.
Also, I am a Regular now, so that’s neat.