Yet another Mako poll

Should I try make an image of forum users heights in the manner of a character height chart?
  • Yes
  • No

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It would help if you put your height down if participating.

Maco at the bottom of the list :fr:

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Ping me next time c o w a r d

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Are you actually the shortest though? Or is someone shorter than you.

@liu I will @ everyone :smiling_imp:

Unless they’re below 4’8" I will be shortest

do it, c u h

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Backs away quietly-

Just asking how do you get so much likes?

Screenshot_20201127_223525 :smiling_imp:

Wait does that ping actually work?

By being short

I got no idea tbh, I’m kinda scared to try it out in case it does :flushed:

Oh wait if you ping everyone that also includes vetex lmao.

Yep, and apparently pinging the owner = a smite :sleeper:

I’m an artist, but I also was fairly actuve prior to doing that

You akready have a lot of likes given uou’re only a member still


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