Yo I’m DoubleRun

Hello there, I’m DoubleRun. You may know me from my ROBLOX username whyrunrun, or from my in game name Tao Graves. I joined in 2016, and I like to play well built fighting/RPG games like World of Magic. Some of my favourites include Pokémon Brick Bronze, Loomian Legacy, Tower of Hell, SwordBurst 2, Blox Fruits, Field of Battle, World/ /Zero, Arcane Adventures and World of Magic. I’m the guildmaster of Spellbreakers, and my favourite Magic is Glass. I first heard about World of Magic when it was still in development, through many AA veteran friends I had. From the start, I knew World of Magic would be one of the best games on ROBLOX. I had a 5th generation Ink profile, but I soon deleted that after release, seeing how bad Ink was. I like to PvP a lot, as I have over 1000 combined kills on my profiles (I’d say I’m one of the best AS/Oceania region PvPers). I live in Australia, and I just turned 15. Due to the current quarantine situation, I’m extremely active here on the forums as well as on the Discord servers. Unfortunately, I can only play WoM on the weekends because I need to study.

And I’m also extremely cool

hi “also extremely cool”

i’m dragon!!!

Omg hi!!!

since youre an australian , what are your thoughts on the movie “kangaroo jack” . was it realistic?


2003 comedy/action film kamgaroo jack

Alr but wheres SingleRun?

Lmaoo that doesn’t sound good.

welcome to the forum bro.

L1.Dc_vi12 welcomes you to the forum.