Yo lf 69 power 388 def build ( Ill specify which items )

Lf Hard Wizard Robes, Pants and Hat, Hard Power Amulet [Dull] Hard Defense Amulet [Dull]. Paying a heavy woj

wouldnt be buying bc u are looking for those items

I hit selling instead of trading :skull:



Sure I’ll do this trade

Oki give me a few minutes to get on

1022 build*
meta sets are named based on the hp they give


Ngl you’re like the only person who calls them by hp

you arent active in the pvp/guild scene doe

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Yes I am, I’m the best pvper there ever was :sunglasses:

I’m not used to seeing inventories so small what the hell. This feels cursed to me.

Sounds oddly narcissistic

Not trying to be, I just hoard a lot of items and often just buy random stuff from NPCs (like scarves, valks, sometimes iron armor). So seeing a player’s inventory (outside of trading) that’s pretty small just feels weird. :frcryin:

oh wait youre the rando that gave me all those seasonals for a swift oath lol

Im online now

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