Yo! You should add more to the world!

As a recommendation for exploring, there should be more than just “human” npcs and should also be animals and monster ETC. The reason you should add this is because it could make the players want to explore more and let their curiosity get the best of them. Especially since there is already a secret for a giant skeleton at frostmill, you should add yetis and caves with them. Or for the whispering caverns im pretty sure its called you should add like a monster that can hypnotise you, or something similar. I think it would be a very cool thing to add and would make the game 10x better in my opinion

i’m pretty sure vetex doesn’t like adding more “fantasy” <(don’t know how to describe) creatures since it breaks some of the game’s lore. however replacing those “fantasy creatures” with humans could maybe work.

also you need to pass a criteria before being able to make suggestions, sorry.


Only hope that an NPC or you is wearing bunny ears/cat-ears/cat-tail and you got yourself more races!!!

this is lore breaking lol


No. We like being human and smacking people with weapons/magic

This is a magic game where you bully kings and curse users

this game’s world and story has already been long since mapped out, vetex already knows what kind of content is going to be in the game, what islands will be in each sea, and what kinds of secrets each one will have. map/exploration-related suggestions are mostly pointless

Great Idea but it just doesn’t fit with the game