You are given the opportunity to add a new stat build. What is the stat build and what would the build be focused on?

I would add a bard stat build if I could because support builds are cool.

Bards would be mainly a support build, buffing you or your party members and debuff enemies using instruments like a lyre or a horn. Great AOE and support, however lacking in damage and is pretty fragile.

i need a support build i cant just use healing and life magic and use healing gels and act as a support i need to be the best medic in ao

instead of a regular stat build to add on to the core four stats, i think i’d add something like brewing or jewelcrafting but for enchants

we have magic
we have strength
we have health
we have swords
we don’t have minions.

A stat build around using willpower to summon minions. As a mix those minions might have special abilities like wielding weapons or being made up of a certain magic. Either way they fight for you while you just kinda run away. Minions have limited health and damage. the more minions the less damage and health each would have. Vitality mixes could give more health to minions while strength would grant more damage based on fighting style.

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summoner archetype ^

You get very stealthy which lowers npc detection range. Attacking someone from behind while in stealth does 20% more damage.
Also you can steal from npcs.

In almost every game that has summoner as an option, I like summoner

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Vetex said he’s adding instruments in the future

literally just elementals


Based on the shell_seawing comment

Control a group of guys that work for you. Essentially a summoner.

Instead of weapons, styles, or magic, commanders use crews. These are sets of summonable guys. Summoning takes longer than casting a spell or doing a technique, and it leaves you open to get punished if you are doing it in front of the enemy.

Crews are: Castaways, the basic combat of crews
Knights - good all around, but slower
Seafarers - speed based
Barbarians - high bleed, high damage, die easily
Specialists - excell better at support and ranged

These have creatable units, as well as Rare Contracts, which can be used to unlock new ones.

Soldier - the most basic move, unlocked at 30 Command. Sends out a melee dude. If on a ship he just sits there. You can send up to 5 but then they’re weaker. Blast counterpart

Bombardier - sends out a dude with a cannon. They arm cannons when on ship. Explosion and smash counterpart

Scouts - increase ship mobility or increase speed of people around them. Hi jump counterpart

Sniper - a guy with a bow or gun. Functional counterpart to beam and shot

Bodyguard - a punchy dude who stands around you ready to shitsmack anyone who gets really really close. Counterpart to snare and rushdown

Cleric - he will stand around you and give passive buffs to you and your dudes


Demolitionist - runs up and places an explosive barrel (scales with power, not always 500) which you can shoot. Requires 160 command

Blademaster - his only attack is Sword Draw: Flash Slash. Requires 100 command

Horde - requires as many command as surge does in magic. Summons a shit ton of weak fodder that rush your opponent.

NPCs. NPC commanders will spawn with all their guys already in place because fighting summoner NPCs is annoying


Commander (pure command) - Second Crew, then third crew

General (command and vitality) - your dudes are stronger, and then they get even stronger

Sensei (command and strength) - your melee guys will use your fighting style, then either second fs or second crew slot

Champion (command and weapons) - your melee guys use your first melee weapon equipped, your ranged will use first ranged weapon equipped. Then you get another crew slot

Warpriest (command and magic) - your guys have infused weapons. Then new crew slot


You guys talk about summons without taking into account how absolutely boring it would be to 1v1 a summoner or play as one


play a hybrid than.

isn’t mage gonna get summoner spells anyway tho

5th stat (investing once locks others) which an elementist.

They would have much stronger synergies with imbuing, but weaker overall. Works much like weapons where they get 3 tools (paintbrush or like some other thing that could be a weapon but not naturally) which you can bind an effect to (magic effect)

First awakening lets you bind a 2nd element (base magic elements are all unlocked)

Second awakening lets you bind a 3rd element and allows you to stack elements

you can find lost and rare elements (magics) which lets you use the effect of a lost or ancient magic

Naturally weaker but i think access to a bunch of synergies is good. this doesn’t mess with savant as much because savant is versatile in move set while this has less move set more combos


The real meta build

a build that applies a “aerodynamic” status condition
each hit adds 1 stack of aerodynamic
what does areodynamic do? it increases knockback recieved
so if you apply 100 stacks and then apply a slight knockback they get to go to the 5th range

wind aerodynamic. Max knockback musgravite gems… Enjoy insanity 5

Maybe this will be what Warden is for